My First Blog Award

Sweet Cara over at Pearls, Handcuffs and Happy Hour passed Meals at the Muirs its first blog award! Thanks Cara! If you haven't checked out Cara's blogs you really should! She is super fun, has great recipes and DIY ideas! To accept this award I have to list 7 things you might not know about me (feel free to stop reading at any time).

1. I am terrified of spiders. Terrified really isn't a strong enough word. All those spider decorations people put out for Halloween really freak me out.

2. I am addicted to Diet Coke. This probably isn't shocking to some of you but I really can't go a day without at least one Diet Coke. It's sad.

3. I love watching sports on TV and attending sporting events. Go Rangers!

4. I wanted to be a chef in before college and considered culinary school. Maybe I will go someday and learn how to REALLY cook.

5. My very first concert was New Kids on the Block and I saw them again when they recently went on tour and it was a great concert both times!

6. I hate all seafood so you will never see seafood recipes on this blog. Sorry.

7. When I was 6 I got hit in the head by a foul ball at the Rangers game. My dad and I were cracking a peanut and didn't see it coming. I got to keep the ball. Funny and embarrassing!

Now If you are still reading this I get to pass this award onto blogs I think are fun to read, have interesting content and are versatile! So congratulations to:

The Wright Squad
The Crafts
Team Bruns

1 comment:

the rodriguez crew said...

I love these lists. We have #5 & #6 exactly in common, how funny. And I am addicted to fountain regular coke in a bad way!


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