The Tostada Burger

RT and I took Cole to Sea World in San Antonio this past spring and had a blast and ate a lot! RT went to Trinity University in San Antonio for college so he knows all the really great places to eat. One of those places is Taco Taco. If you are ever in San Antonio you must go...best breakfast tacos EVER. The other stellar place to eat is at Chris Madrids. They do burgers there and are famous for their Tostada burger. It is basically a burger the size of your face with onions, crushed up tostadas, tons of cheddar cheese and refried beans on a juicy bun. Delicious. So last night I tried to make them for my family and they turned out pretty good. It is just a fun spin on the standard burger and is a nice change of pace.Ingredients:

Hamburger meat
Cheddar cheese
Onions, diced and sauteed in a little olive oil
Tostadas, crushed
Refried beans, heated on the stove
Hamburger buns, toasted


- Cook your hamburger patties how you like them on the grill.
- While patties are still on the grill top with onions, tostadas and cheese.
- Cook until cheese is melted.
- Assemble your burger: bun, burger, refried beans, bun.

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