BBQ Shredded Beef

Our friends, Jeff and Jessica, had us over for dinner recently and fixed an amazing meal! Jessica made us BBQ shredded beef along with homemade macaroni and cheese and homemade cheese biscuits (I will post both of those recipes too so be on the look out). I made the shredded beef, mac 'n cheese and a salad for dinner last night and it did not disappoint. This shredded beef is to die for and is awesome all by itself or you could put it on a bun or in a taco! YUUUMMM!
3 lbs. Chuck roast
Salt, Pepper and Garlic Powder to taste
1 bottle Kraft brand Sweet and Spicy Chipotle BBQ Sauce
1 (12 oz) can Beer
1 bottle Sweet Baby Ray's brand Honey BBQ Sauce


- Season all sides of the beef with salt, pepper and garlic powder and place in a large crock-pot.
- Pour entire bottle of chipotle BBQ sauce to cover the meat completely.
- Pour the bottle of beer on top and sides of the meat.
- Cover and cook on high for 7 hours.
- Remove roast from crock-pot and discard all remaining liquids.
- Shred beef with a fork and return beef to the crock-pot.
- Add bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's to beef and stir.
- Reduce heat to warm for 1-2 hours or until ready to serve.


the rodriguez crew said...

LOVED THIS! I made this when we had company coming over, and we served it on hamburger buns with pickles! it was DELICIOUS!!

Kristin Atkins said...
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