Homemade Donuts

I mean, seriously!  These donuts are A-MAZING and the best part is they are super easy to make!  I found the recipe on Pinterest from Southern Plate and it did not disappoint!  Make these!!!


1 can home style biscuits
1 stick of butter
Vegetable oil


-  Pour oil into large pan.  You will need about 1/2 inches of oil.  Turn heat on medium to medium high.
-  Cut holes in each biscuit (I just used the lid from a bottle in my pantry to punch the holes)
-  Melt butter in a small bowl
-  In a separate bowl mix cinnamon and sugar (use what ever ratio you like)
-  Please donuts in the oil (the oil should bubble around the edges)
-  It will only take a minute or two on each side so watch them closely.
-  Place finished donuts on a paper towel to drain.
-  Repeat the same cooking process with the donut holes
-  While the donuts are still warm, dip them in the butter and then coat in sugar mixture.
-  Get a glass of milk and enjoy!

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