Broccoli and Feta Pasta

I found this recipe on Pintrest and knew I had to make it immediately.  My husband pretty much hates all the ingredients (except the pasta and chicken) so I made it while he was out of town for work and I devoured it.  Feta cheese is one of my favorite foods on earth and broccoli and olives are pretty high on the list as well.  Mix those with pasta and chicken and I'm a happy girl.  The recipe did not call for chicken but because I ate this as my main course I added it in.  I think you are going to like it!
recipe via thekitchn.com


1 pound pasta (just use what you have in the pantry)
1 pkg. steam in the bag broccoli florets
8 oz. crumbled feta
1/2 c. kalamata olives, pitted and chopped
2 tbls. olive oil
1 tbls. red wine vinegar
salt and pepper to taste
1 rotisserie chicken (optional)


-  Cook pasta according to directions on the box.  With about 2-3 minutes of cooking time left add frozen broccoli to boiling pasta and cook until broccoli is tender and pasta is cooked.  Drain and pour into a large bowl.
-  Add feta, olives and chicken to pasta and broccoli.
-  In a small bowl whisk together olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper.
-  Pour dressing over the pasta and toss to coat.


The Rodriguez Crew said...

oh yum.

Steven and Kristie Lentz said...

Hey, just found your blog linkin' around. I love all your recipes that you post! Every time I scroll down further I say, "oh Iike that one... that one too... Yep, need to try that one too..." I'm making this pasta and probably those pizza biscuits very soon! ;)


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