White Trash

Not a very nice name but oh.so.good. Yet another Christmas tradition.Ingredients:

4 c. rice chex
4 c. corn chex
3/4 bag of pretzels
1 bag red and green m&m's
1 can mixed nuts
1 can cashews
2 pkg. white chocolate almond bark or candiquik


- Dump everything but the white chocolate in the biggest bowl you have and gently mix.
- In a separate bowl melt white chocolate in the microwave.
- Pour melted chocolate over mixture and gently combine until everything is coated.
- Pour onto wax paper.
- When chocolate has hardened break into chunks and serve!


the rodriguez crew said...

Hey Lyric, where do you find candiquik? I've looked for it to no avail! Thanks!

miss said...

Hi there! Looks yummy...can't really mess this one up either!

Oh...and to the Rodriguez crew...you can find Candiquik at Walmart (super walmart) and Randalls - hope this helps... (otherwise - you can always buy online at Amazon.com)

Sarah aka "Miss Candiquik" at

the rodriguez crew said...

Oh, THANK YOU! I looked everywhere but those 2 stores!

Lyric said...

Paige I got mine at Target. It was on the bottom shelf below the chocolate chips! If you cant find any I'll send you some!

Jessica said...

Lyric, you know this is one of my favorite desserts you make! It is so darn addictive!

Anonymous said...

Just finishing making a batch for a New Year's Party thanks it turned out amazing! Can't wait to try more of your recipies.


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