Fiesta Ravioli

This is another recipe from Pearls, Handcuffs and Happy Hour and it is GOOOOD! It reminds me of my Taco Spaghetti recipe only with ravioli. I added ground turkey to her recipe and I thought it was really good. Try it, you'll like it!Ingredients:

1 pkg. frozen or refrigerated ravioli (I used Buitoni 4 cheese ravioli)
10 oz. can of enchilada sauce
16 oz. jar salsa
2 c. shredded colby and jack cheese
1 lb. ground turkey
sliced black olives (optional)


- In a large sauce pan, cook ravioli according to the package.
- In a large skillet cook turkey until brown.
- Stir in enchilada sauce and salsa.
- Add cooked ravioli and shredded cheese to the meat mixture and toss gently.

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