I am thinking about adding other content to this little blog.  I would love to talk about products, decor, party themes, stores, shops and things in general that I like or I guess don't like.  I would still post recipes and food related things but thought I would add other content too.

What do you think???  Would you like me to only post recipes or would you welcome other content??

Let me know what you think!


Sara Shook said...

You always have great ideas for recipes so adding more content would also be amazing!

krissaharris said...

You must post all things of a creative nature (i.e.: recipes, decorating ideas, party themes, etc.) so that I may continue to steal them. Otherwise, my life will continue to be a blank canvas because I have zero, correction - less than zero, creative genes. I will gladly return the favor with one of my talents if I ever figure out what they are. Some possibilities: snarky comments, driving a stick shift, world domination.


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